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Serve outdoor enthusiasts and monetize your idle land. Become a Thiket Landhost.

Why be a landhost?

It’s simple. Thousands of passionate outdoor enthusiasts are looking for uncrowded land to do their outdoor thing every week. Like the Airbnb™ of sporting and recreational land, Thiket frees you to ditch paper leasing and convert idle land into revenue.

Thiket is revolutionizing land ownership

  • For Landowners, by Landowners

    An owner’s connection to land is unlike any other—it’s personal. Thiket is built by landowners to enhance the value of land ownership.

  • Your Land, Your Rules

    Our platform facilitates guest access on your terms. Communications allow you to create clear understanding of guest rules.

  • Divided Parcels

    Configure your land into one or more virtual parcels—Thikets—for offering the best outdoor recreation and sporting experience.

  • Verified Guests

    Just like the biggest names in travel hosting property, guest verification procedures ensure LandHosts can rest easy in allowing access.

  • More Income Streams

    Whether your property is ideal for camping or hiking, fishing or hunting, or just roaming and loving, our platform creates income for you.

  • Peace of Mind

    Terms of service, guest policies and LandHost guarantee ensure you and your property are protected from injuries and property damage.

Outdoor Recreation Drives Commerce

$887 Billion

Americans are passionate and loyal to their outdoor pursuits. Every year, US consumers spend more on outdoor recreation than they do on pharmaceuticals and fuel combined.

Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis, Personal Consumption Expenditures by Type of Product; includes gear, trip, travel, and tax revenue, 2017

THIKET | Free up income from underutilized land

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Your Top 10 Questions Answered

Is my property a fit?
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Thiket parcels vary from 5 to 50+ acres. You determine the size and number of Thikets, set precise property boundaries and list only the activities you’re comfortable with on your land. If you want input, our team is available to coach you on pricing.

Income depends on number of parcels, allowed activities, amenities and of course, location. Our team is available to support you to maximize margins.

LandHosts make money off of every Thiket engagement on their land. Secure payouts are made at the end of every month according to your direction (meaning is unclear, raises more question for reader.) LandHosts may also file for damages to claim a security deposit by following the Thiket Terms of Service.

Thiket invests heavily in organic Search Engine Optimization and paid search results to continually drive traffic to our site/app. Like similar sites, each LandHost is responsible for compelling up to date images, listing details and positive reviews to help support bookings. Our team can help coach you.

Whatever access and boundaries work best for your property. Some Thikets have gated drive-in access, others unmarked pathways. You can annotate each Thiket map and include instructions for access, parking, trials, trash, refuse, etc. in the Special Instructions section.

Becoming a LandHost is always free. Adding a property in Thiket is easy and intuitive. Simply click here to receive our full LandHost onboarding service at no charge. Fill in your contact info and pick a call time. A Thiket team member will contact you and walk through setting up property into recommended parcels (Thikets), plus answer all of your questions.

As a LandHost you set the boundaries for each Thiket parcel on your land. Our app’s geofencing helps you follow terrain and topography features to set up the best boundaries for your property’s activities. It typically takes about 10 minutes to add a new property and define the Thiket parcels.

Instead of obligating your land to a few engagements a year, Thiket opens the opportunity for dozens of transactions with a variety of outdoor enthusiasts year round. And, you control when it’s available. This built-in flexibility allows you to widen (or narrow) Guest engagements and income potential.

No. You can include guidelines for human waste and trash on each Thiket in the Special Instructions. However, LandHosts are required to follow local regulations.

We’ve got your back. Guests are confirmed and rated. And, you can rest easy in the security of our guest policies and LandHost guarantee.

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