Guest FAQs

Top questions we get asked. Here you go…

How does Thiket work?
Similar to big name booking services for homes or condos, Thiket gives you exclusive access to the uncrowded great outdoors on private land. Search by location, activities, dates, even amenities. Book online, or through the Thiket app.

How big is a Thiket?
Thiket parcels vary from 5 to 50 acres as mapped out by the LandHost. You’ll enjoy exclusive access for yourself and your Guests for the time booked. You can also reserve adjoining Thikets for an even larger exclusive space to do your outdoor thing.

Can I view a Thiket before I book?
Absolutely. Our app uses geofencing and mapping functions linked to Google Earth. Zoom, tag, follow terrain and topography, scout your site, water access…whatever. Search now and go this weekend.

How much does it cost?
Joining is free. The overnight rate for each Thiket differs based on rating, location, activities, amenities and season. The average cost is around $99 a night (plus fees and taxes).

How do I access my Thiket?
Every booking includes detailed directions, maps and instructions. Drive-in access Thikets are available. You’ll receive parking and access instructions for walk-in properties.

How do I know my Thiket boundaries?
The Thiket app maps out every border. Depending on your mobile coverage, you’ll be able to see your location on the land — and receive notices when approaching or crossing a boundary. For privacy and safety, we recommend printing your Thiket map in advance and keep it on hand in case wireless coverage is poor in the area.

Can I do whatever I want to on the land?
No. Allowable Activities are specific to each Thiket as set by the LandHost. Guests are obligated to follow the property boundaries and use guidelines, along with any Special Instructions set by the LandHost. Failure to do so may forfeit the security deposit.

Are campfires allowed?
Yes, if the “Campfire” icon appears on the listing, fire it up. Some fires may be limited to designated areas, or temporarily prohibited if a fire ban is in effect. Check restrictions listed in your Thiket Special Instructions section, and of course Guests are always required to follow local regulations.

Can I hunt, fish or shoot on a Thiket?
Yes, if those Activity icons appear on a Thiket listing, then your LandHost has approved them. See the Special Instructions for any restrictions. Each Guest is responsible to observe all Local, State and Federal laws, including having required licenses for every person.

Could there be hunting in the area?
Yes, other Guests could be hunting on an adjacent Thiket during the same dates. While Thiket, LLC and LandHosts are not responsible to notify Guests of any hunting on adjoining properties, feel free to contact your LandHost using the app and ask.

Do I have to meet with the LandHost?
No. Most Thikets are self-serve. Simply book your great outdoors and go. In a few locations, arrangements may be made to connect with your LandHost for full property access, or in case of an emergency.

What are check-in and check-out times?
Check-in is available as early as 12 PM local time. Check outs are 10 AM local time.

What if there is an emergency?
Local emergency contacts are included when you book any Thiket. It is each Guest’s responsibility to have access to these numbers on hand if they are needed.

What is the Thiket Guest rating about?
To curate the best outdoor experiences, Thiket LandHosts and Guests are rated both ways. Your feedback for each booking is always welcomed. Similarly, LandHosts rate Guests. For example, leave-no-trace Guests receive 5 stars and help ensure a positive experience with any future booking. Learn more about the Leave No Trace principles here.

Why is there a security deposit?
By booking a Thiket you agree to abide by the Thiket Booking Agreement, LandHost property guidelines and Special Instructions. The security deposit helps protect the LandHost from abuses or damages. The full deposit will be returned once the LandHost reviews the property following check out and deems there is no agreement breach.

What if I have a negative experience or payment dispute?
Our goal is 100% satisfaction with your outdoor experience. The Thiket team is available 8 AM – 5 PM CST Monday through Friday, at 1-833-iThiket. If calling outside these hours, leave a detailed message and a team member will get back with you as soon as possible.