Our story

The great outdoors open to all

Getting back to natural wonder

In the not-to-distant past, many people had a connection to the natural world through farming and stewardship of family property or endearing friends and neighbors.

Sadly, these connections are fading. Landowners are fed up with trespassing and property damage, limiting access or simply giving up on land leases. Outdoor adventurers and sporting seekers are unable to find premium land that isn’t overly crowded or cost-prohibitive for a weekend or weeks-long getaway.replica rolex skydweller
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Thiket was founded with a passion for the outdoors and the joy of recreation that comes with it

As an avid sportsman myself, I’ve experienced the difficulty gaining access to quality land for me and my family’s outdoor thing. As a landowner, I’ve dealt with the disappointing abuses of leasing abuses and trespassing.

Thiket is the solution we developed to serve both — connecting people with affordable access to experience the natural world’s splendor, and promote a culture to protect and preserve land.

I’m driven to grow Thiket into the most trusted brand for outdoor recreation and sporting experiences.

— Kory Harvey, Thiket Founder
Our Core Values

Savor the Outdoors

Like Airbnb™ for land use, Thiket connects Landowners with Outdoor Enthusiasts and Sportsmen to create positive outdoor experiences for all ages.


We believe in the value of experiencing real outdoor recreation and sporting adventure in an increasingly virtual world.


We create engagements that open access to private land for recreational use and income for land owners.


We deliver easy-to-use interfaces with quick responsiveness and secure payments to add value to each user and LandHost.


We’re committed to creating a culture of safety and respect — honoring property owner’s rights and supporting the responsible land use.


We believe in the blessedness of the natural world. It’s worth fully experiencing and conserving for future generations to enjoy.

Go Forth!

Thiket is connecting outdoor adventurers and sporting enthusiasts with LandHosts and creating access experience for camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, roaming, without the crowd

Thiket is beginning in Middle Tennessee. Search or browse available properties today and join the list to never miss updates on our expansion.