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Ditch paper leasing! Thiket frees landowners to earn passive income from underused land. Easily map your land into one or more Thikets online and start earning handsoff revenue year-round. Becoming a LandHost is free, easy and secure.

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Thiket matches all you outdoor lovers with easy access to private land, just like popular get-away rental apps. Imagine your crew on 5-50 uncrowded acres to do your outdoor thing — for less than a hotel room! Thiket let’s you simply search, book and go.

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Join the Thiket revolution. Forget long-term planning for your next outdoor adventure or hunting session. We’re launching in Middle Tennessee and expanding across the U.S.A. Get on the list to search for Thiket adventures coming near you soon.

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Thiket | Free the adventurer in you.

Uncrowded Outdoors

Thiket gives you exclusive access to private land all your own – for your outdoor thing.

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Acres to Roam

Thikets are huge – 5 to 50+ acres mapped out and searchable by location, activities, and amenities.

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Adventure for Less

Joining is free. The average overnight getaway is only around $99. Let’s go!

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No long-term planning for your next outdoor adventure. Book now. Get away this weekend.

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Venture Outdoors

Thikets are huge – 5 to 50+ acres mapped out and searchable by location, activities and amenities. Imagine uncrowded acres to roam, wander, hike, float, fish, hunt, paddle, camp, kayak, swim, rove, ramble, RT, ATV, OHV, and more.


Share your land. Get your share.

Discover the better way to serve outdoor enthusiasts and monetize your land. Learn more about being a Thiket Landhost.

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Spend less time searching and more time enjoying the uncrowded outdoors wherever you are. Book top rated properties by the day, week or even longer from your phone when our mobile app arrives.

Leave No Trace

Enjoy the natural world and minimize your impact. We encourage all Thiket Guests to learn and live by the seven Leave No Trace principles.

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